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The story of Olivier's Breads cannot be told without the story of it's founder Olivier Audibert and his unrelenting passion to the slow-fermentation process.

Olivier, his wife Valerie and their four children arrived from France in 2008 after running a 'boulangerie'

 in Southern France for several years. In 2009, Olivier's Breads opened and kindly introduced Western Canada's taste buds to authentic French Artisan Bread.




All of our Breads and Rolls are Slow Crafted and Artisan created and baked. We are LOCAL. 

In addition to authentic, amazing croissants and baguettes we offer:

  • Breads such as Sourdough, Light Rye, Mountain, French Whole Wheat, Multigrain, Peasant and more.

  • Hand crafted pastries from your wildest French dreams.

  • Quiches and other savory breakfast & lunch creations.

All our products are made with low-gluten, non-GMO flour and most importantly - The long-fermentation process ( SLOW CRAFTED )which makes bread not only delicious, but scientifically, nutritious. 

Eat well. Salut!