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The Bread, You Deserve


Slow Crafted, Artisan Leavened, Low Gluten Flour

all made with non-GMO ingredients

Sourdough Bread
Espresso Coffees
Pastry Paradise

Our Bakery

Bread is alive and real bread helps you to be the same!

At Olivier's Breads, all our creations are allowed to come to life naturally with the 'Long-Fermentation Process' which has been used in Europe for centuries. We call that Slow Crafted. Our master bakers are from France and refuse to compromise on the artistry of our breads and pastries.

There are never any chemical preservatives, GMO grain or high gluten elements in our food.




All of our breads, baguettes, croissants and pastries are lovingly prepared with low-gluten, non-GMO flour.